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Beach Volleyball

Issa Batrane

Issa Batrane is a British Beach Volleyball athlete representing England and Great Britain on both the domestic and international circuit. As well as a top athlete, Issa is on a mission to raise awareness about sustainability, climate change, and equality for all. Issa believes in increasing the demand for more recyclable plastic, and preventing plastic waste.


Table Tennis

Martin Perry

Martin Perry is a professional Scottish para table tennis player, European Team and British Champion, 2019. As a Prevented Ocean Plastic ambassador, Martin Perry has focused his efforts towards helping drive a circular economy on plastic in Scotland. In his words: “I would love to see Scotland solidifying its place as a world leader in recycled plastics – and alongside PET UK and Prevented Ocean Plastic, I’m calling on other Scottish businesses to help protect our planet by committing to use ocean-bound and recycled plastics.”



Beth Gill

Beth Gill is full-time professional flatwater canoe athlete and has represented Great Britain at numerous European and World Championship events. In 2022 she won four World and European Championship medals, including a gold to become world champion. Next year she’s aiming to compete in the olympics! Second only to sport, is Beth’s passion for the water where she works. This makes her connection with Prevented Ocean Plastic™ a perfect fit.



Sarah Jackson

Sarah Jackson is a world champion professional windsurfer. She has competed around the world, was Youth World Champion in slalom windsurfing and is two times vice-World Champion. Sarah’s sport means she has a strong bond with the water, and as well as a successful competitor, she proudly calls herself an ocean advocate. A partnership with Prevented Ocean Plastic™ seems like the perfect fit.