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Artology: leading artists into a sustainable future

By April 17, 2020August 27th, 2020No Comments
© Aphra Shemza

London based artist Aphra Shemza connects traditional craft with multimedia and new technology to create art that inspires sustainable practice.

In her work, multidisciplinary artist Aphra Shemza combines traditional techniques, sustainability research and the latest technology. She explores “the impact and legacy of technology on our world”. Her project ‘Compositions’ is a mix of abstraction, light and a variety of materials, such as recycled bubble wrap, plastic bags and reclaimed timber frames.

In 2018 she launched the platform ARTOLOGY that calls for an integration between sustainable practices and media arts. The platform contains useful resources for artists who work with technology & innovation and guides them to be more mindful of their environmental impact by considering the lifespan and conservation of the artwork before it has been created.