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How does Prevented Ocean Plastic help?

We help thousands of families earn their living and prevent ocean plastic.

This creates a system whereby a bottle off the ground means a sustainably recycled package on your supermarket shelf.


Income opportunities are created in coastal communities at risk of ocean plastic pollution. Bottle collectors – made micro-entrepreneurs, benefit from a consistent and reliable income.

Each day we send over $100,000 to factory owners to keep payments flowing to bottle collectors.


Ocean plastic pollution is prevented at scale, reducing harm to marine life and ecosystems. Choosing recycled plastic over virgin plastic mitigates greenhouse gas emissions and supports the circular economy.

Businesses and Industry

Industry standards are set and aligned across the supply chain, while the demand for recycled plastic increases. Businesses and retailers are able to meet upcoming government regulations.

Since 2005, we have paid for the recycling of over


and have sent over 


to some of the world’s poorest communities, preventing plastic from reaching the ocean.

The Story Of A Bottle

We believe that everyone can help in preventing plastic from reaching the ocean and they can do it right now.