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How to prevent ocean plastic at scale

By June 18, 2020August 27th, 2020No Comments

The biggest question for plastic in 2020 is how to prevent as much of it as possible from going into our environment. By collecting plastic that is most at risk for going into our oceans we can recycle it for use in new products that we as consumers can purchase.

In order for plastic to be recycled at the scale that is required to make an impact, we need to work together to make recycled plastic valuable.

We can achieve this ambitious goal by each doing our part for sustainability within our communities. One example of this is as consumers, it is our responsibility to choose products packaged in recycled material. Buying recycled products pays for the collection of plastic waste and allows for it to replace oil based new plastic from entering into the product chain. This small purchasing decision has a huge impact on the industry and the sustainability of our planet.