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Lidl go from bottle to bottle with Prevented Ocean Plastic

By June 13, 2023August 29th, 2023No Comments

Lidl will go from bottle to bottle with Prevented Ocean Plastic™ this summer.

The supermarket have announced that from next month, their 1-litre San Celestino Italian Sparkling Mineral Water bottles will contain a minimum of 30% Prevented Ocean Plastic™- material made from collected waste bottles that would likely have otherwise ended up in the ocean. Lidl are the first UK supermarket to make this change. 

The supermarket sells 12 million bottles of this type of water annually so this initiative is expected to prevent the equivalent of almost 4 million plastic water bottles from entering the oceans per year, that’s almost 100 tonnes of plastic.

The move builds on an existing successful partnership. In 2020, became the first UK supermarket to introduce food packaging using Prevented Ocean Plastic™ . Since then, it has been rolled out across a range of Lidl’s own-brand fresh fish, breaded poultry, sausage and fresh fruit products, meaning that the retailer has already prevented the equivalent of more than 15 million plastic water bottles from entering the ocean. 

Raffi Schieir, Director of Prevented Ocean Plastic™, said, “The act of recycling ocean-bound bottles into brand new bottles is a perfect example of circularity at work. It is an honour and a privilege to continue down this path with the wonderful people at Lidl GB and Ireland. Expanding our partnership into sparkling water demonstrates the quality and clarity of our material, and the growing consumer preference for Prevented Ocean Plastic™.”

Doubling down on its commitment to reducing plastic waste, Lidl is also replacing coloured milk lids with easier to recycle clear caps in partnership with Müller. After permanently removing green milk caps last October, the discounter will replace blue caps (whole milk) from this June, with red (skimmed milk) following suit from July and over summer. Lidl’s rollout of colourless milk caps this year will support industry wide retention of 4000 tonnes of bottle top material to be used again within the food sector.

Shyam Unarket, Head of Responsible Sourcing and Ethical Trade at Lidl GB, said, “Ocean plastic pollution is a pressing environmental concern, it is expected that by 2050 there could be more plastic in the ocean than fish. As pioneers of integrating ocean-bound plastic into our packaging in 2020, we have been consistently building and improving on our efforts since, and are proud to now extend Prevented Ocean Plastic™ into water bottles. Through this latest product development, we hope to inspire wider efforts across the industry.”

Prevented Ocean Plastic™ is proud to go from bottle to bottle with Lidl this summer and beyond.

Prevented Ocean Plastic™ is a pioneering plastic recycling company developing locally customized sorting and collection infrastructure to underserved communities across the world. We are committed to strengthening the supply chain and scaling solutions for the management of plastic waste in the country. We provide high quality traceable recycled plastic to global markets to drive environmental, social and economic value from the bottle collector to the end consumer.