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POP Spotlight: Whisky Pioneer in 2023

By May 20, 2023June 7th, 2023No Comments

Today is World Whisky Day! And while we don’t necessarily need an excuse to join in the celebrations, it seemed like the perfect time to talk to the team at Whisky Pioneer. Living up to their name in more ways than one, they offer a unique subscription service, provide rare and exclusive samples, and bottle them all in recycled and reusable Prevented Ocean Plastic™. We spoke to the company’s forward thinking founder, Dan Humphrey, to ask about bottle designs, dream drams, and why they chose to work with Prevented Ocean Plastic™.

• Hi Dan! For anyone unfamiliar, can you talk a little more about what you and the team at Whisky Pioneer offer? 

“Whisky Pioneer is a whisky sample subscription, helping whisky fans explore, discover and enjoy great whisky from around the world, dram by glorious dram. We feature a new whisky every month and the rest of the year is full of first tastes, exclusives and most importantly delicious drams. From researching the initial idea, to sourcing the whisky we share, I’ve had a hand in all that we do at Whisky Pioneer, although now I have the support of a fantastic team.”

• Sustainability and environmental responsibility seem to be directly tied in to your product- was that part of your plan from the beginning? Were there any hurdles to achieving your goals? 

“I was disappointed with the lack of sample subscription options that showed any real environmental responsibility and decided to do something about it. I soon found that the issue lay with the lack of container options that didn’t add to the world’s problem, therefore I had to create my own which wasn’t cheap, but was a necessity if I wanted to make a difference. Importantly I now offer our bottles to whisky enthusiasts to use in the ‘bottle shares’ and ‘dram swaps’ so there is an option out there for those that want to make a difference.”

• Can you talk a little about the design decisions behind your bottles? 

“There are two key needs- durability and being able to fit through the letterbox- both of which are required to keep costs down. I knew we had to be competitive on price to make the decision to use our service as easy as possible. This led us to plastic, as glass doesn’t meet those two requirements, but then I needed to make sure we chose a material that didn’t add to the world’s waste, which is where Prevented Ocean Plastic saved the day. We all know we are polluting our oceans, but it’s not something we always know how to address…Prevented Ocean Plastic gives us the opportunity to make a difference with our spending habits.”

• What does working with Prevented Ocean Plastic mean to you? 

“It means that we are part of the solution, not the problem…for me that’s massive, without this collaboration I’m not sure Whisky Pioneer would exist.”

• And what do you think it means to your customers? 

“The response has been fantastic, everyone is aligned in supporting what we do, which shows that the world’s waste problems have been on their minds too.

• Would you encourage other companies to work with Prevented Ocean Plastic?  

Yes, Prevented Ocean Plastic have done the hard work setting up the supply chains, ensuring top quality raw material, and making it easy for producers to use. We just have to pick Prevented Ocean Plastic and we can make a difference too, it’s such an easy choice.

• Do you have a personal favourite of the whiskies you’ve shared so far? 

“The beauty of whisky is that your favourite changes based on mood, weather, hunger, etc. At Christmas we shared Amrut’s Indian Peated Single Malt, which was a perfect winter dram with a lovely blend of smoke and subtle sweetness. Whilst the month before we shared our first single cask whiskey, which only had 72 bottles ever produced, but we got to share a taste with all our subscribers…that was special. I could go on about each month, they have all been a winner to me.”

• What is your personal dream location for drinking a dram?

“In summer it’s outside in the garden on a nice evening, after a barbeque…that’s a lovely way to relax. In winter, by the fire keeping warm.

• What are Whisky Pioneer’s ambitions for the future? 

We want to grow and help take more waste out of nature, making sure everyone knows there is an option to explore the world of amazing whisky and whiskey without costing the Earth.

On this World Whisky Day, and every day, Prevented Ocean Plastic™ is proud to work with the team at Whisky Pioneer as we go from strength to strength. Together we can continue to commit to fields, close the loop of a circular economy, and take action to prevent ocean plastic.

Prevented Ocean Plastic is a pioneering plastic recycling company developing locally customized sorting and collection infrastructure to underserved communities across the world. We are committed to strengthening the supply chain and scaling solutions for the management of plastic waste where we work. We provide high quality traceable recycled plastic to global markets to drive environmental, social and economic value from the bottle collector to the end consumer.