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Staeger X Prevented Ocean Plastic win royal award

By May 5, 2022October 23rd, 2023No Comments

Staeger Clear Packaging have received a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation for their use of Prevented Ocean Plastic™ in producing PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last month, Staeger were one of only 200 companies that were awarded with The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation. These awards are given for outstanding achievement by UK businesses who are invested in innovation, international trade, sustainable development and promoting opportunity through social mobility.

It was Staeger’s work with Prevented Ocean Plastic™ that was recognised. The team at Staeger, who are based in Coventry, have been working with innovating recycled PET and used Prevented Ocean Plastic™ to make visors for the NHS. The visors are 250-micron ultra-clear plastic lens and can be used for prolonged periods without colour distortion. They are CE Certified and meet European standards for health, safety, and environmental protection.

Ian Jamie, Staeger’s Founder and Director, said “I am so proud of our organisation and our employees who braved the COVID crisis to produce PPE for the NHS. Without our innovations associated with using recycled plastic from Prevented Ocean Plastic™, this would not have been possible!”

Prevented Ocean Plastic™ is proud to work with Staeger Clear Packaging, and support the NHS through the pandemic and beyond.

Prevented Ocean Plastic is a pioneering plastic recycling company developing locally customized sorting and collection infrastructure to underserved communities across the world. We are committed to strengthening the supply chain and scaling solutions for the management of plastic waste in the country. We provide high quality traceable recycled plastic to global markets to drive environmental, social and economic value from the bottle collector to the end consumer.