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Sustainable Architecture: Out of Ocean ‘Plastic Island’

By July 2, 2020January 6th, 2021No Comments
Image courtesy of Emily-Claire Goksøyr © Out of Ocean

Out of Ocean is a Swedish design studio, brainchild of architect/designer duo Emily-Claire and Erik Goksøyr. Their well-received opening project ‘Plastic Island’ emerged from a humble thesis work that began in 2017, which then developed into an exploration of reusing oceanic waste in architecture. Plastic samples were collected and studied from the shores of Koster Islands, and the material properties were studied to outline their performance and illustrate the potential. The prospective designs of 3 small structures include a programme of a public diving centre on Nordkoster, a small island off the coast of Strömstad, Sweden.

Image courtesy of Emily-Claire Goksøyr © Out of Ocean

Considering their love for the ocean and the location of their practise in Smögen, on the west coast of Sweden, which is heavily impacted by marine debris, the design-duo were inspired to continue creating further work using ocean plastic and focus on the pressing issue of marine pollution. Their work investigates creating functional architectural installations and products out of the ocean plastic, expands future sustainable design possibilities and aims to change the general perception of the material from litter into a valuable resource.