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Using the POP Logo

Prevented Ocean Plastic™ is high-quality, certified recycled plastic that has been collected from coastal areas at risk of ocean plastic pollution. Used by supermarkets and brands around the world, it meets regulatory health and safety standards, is traceable back to source, and can be identified on-pack through its distinctive triangular logo.

Protecting the Prevented Ocean PlasticTM trademark

  • Bantam Materials UK Ltd. owns the Prevented Ocean PlasticTM logo and a global portfolio of registered trademarks around the world for the logo. Bantam uses the brand to describe the Prevented Ocean PlasticTM programme and its worldwide trading activities.
  • Only organisations that have signed a formal License Agreement with the Prevented Ocean PlasticTM Licensing Team may use the logo. Unauthorised display is prohibited and will be treated as a trademark infringement.

Purpose & Audience

The Prevented Ocean PlasticTM programme exists to ensure that:

  • ocean-bound plastic is recycled before it reaches the ocean
  • recycling is carried out in an established, quality-controlled and traceable supply chain

As such, if a consumer sees the Prevented Ocean PlasticTM logo then they can be assured that the plastic material has been sourced accordingly. These guidelines are intended for use by all entities using the Prevented Ocean PlasticTM logo or describing the programme itself.

Talking about Prevented Ocean PlasticTM

Any description of the Prevented Ocean Plastic™ programme should correctly and accurately describe what the programme is, in a clear, unambiguous way.

The following sections provide details on recommended wording and terminology that may be relevant for those in Comms & Marketing functions when describing the Prevented Ocean Plastic™ programme.

These sections give both ‘recommended’ and ‘to be avoided’ examples with a transparent explanation as to why such wording and terminology is not fair and accurate.

For any additional topics or terminology which deviates from these Guidelines, please contact

Prevented Ocean PlasticTM logo requirements

In order to qualify to use the Prevented Ocean PlasticTM logo on packaging, adopters must:

    • Source from a Prevented Ocean Plastic™ materials or packaging partner
    • Achieve a minimum of 30% Prevented Ocean Plastic™ post-consumer recycled content (PCR) inclusion in one or more of the product’s packaging components
    • Describe the Prevented Ocean Plastic™ programme accurately and fairly, whilst also maintaining traceability of the programme (i.e. establish practices to ensure Logo and any descriptors are only used in instances where Prevented Ocean Plastic™ is present, as per the above requirements)


All information correct as of May 2023

The content of these guidelines advocates best practice for how to describe the Prevented Ocean PlasticTM programme and its material.

Bantam Materials has taken all reasonable efforts, both in itself and in its dealings with third parties, to ensure that consumers
are provided with accurate, transparent and complete information in relation to the Prevented Ocean PlasticTM programme.

The Prevented Ocean PlasticTM team makes this information available to Prevented Ocean PlasticTM adopters so that they can in turn fairly and accurately describe the programme in any of their activities.

When adapted by the end-user, compliance to all applicable legislation and regulations, inclusive of the Green Claims Code or equivalents, remains the responsibility of the end-user.

The Prevented Ocean PlasticTM team cannot accept responsibility for an adopter mis-representing the information contained within these guidelines in any of their activities.