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Why choose Prevented Ocean Plastic?

We all know there’s a problem.

According to academic study, 80% of ocean plastic comes from land-based sources, with most entering from developing coastal communities. Every year more than 12 million tonnes of plastic waste enters the ocean.

But the truth is that when a bottle hits the water, it’s too late. The sun and the salt water degrade the plastic within a few days, making it largely unusable for recycling. This makes the removal of ocean plastic a clean-up effort, not a recycling effort. This is why we act to ensure that the plastic never reaches the water.

Prevention is key!

Show companies that supporting recycled plastic collected from coastlines at scale is good business for them and our oceans. Change behaviours by making better plastic choices.

The solution is clear.

Our Impact


  • Income opportunities are created in coastal communities at risk of ocean plastic pollution.
  • Bottle collector micro-entrepreneurs benefit from a consistent and reliable income. Each day we send over $100,000 to factory owners to keep payments flowing to bottle collectors.


  • Ocean plastic pollution is prevented at scale, reducing harm to marine life and ecosystems.
  • Choosing recycled plastic over virgin plastic mitigates greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Supports the circular economy.

Businesses and Industry

  • Elevating and aligning recycling standards in coastal communities.
  • Demand for recycled plastic increases.
  • Brands and retailers are able to meet consumer demand and upcoming EU and national government regulations

Programme developed by Bantam Materials who has paid for the recycling of over


bottles and have sent over


to developing communities, preventing plastic from reaching the ocean since 2005.