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Prevented Ocean Plastic™ is the right choice for you. Prevented Ocean Plastic™ is committed to thought leadership for recycling culture change. Thank you for going deeper and coming on the journey with us. For those that want to learn, contribute, and embrace new ideas, please explore our 25 by 2025 mission, contact us with your questions, and continue to choose recycled.

When some brands and businesses talk about collection centres, they can mean unsafe and unregulated environments like this, or worse. This is in part because recycling has traditionally been something of a ‘wild west’ when it comes to best practices. Basic standards have been viewed as aspirational rather than at least minimum requirements.


When Prevented Ocean Plastic™ talk about Collection Centres, it means safe, dignified, and productive spaces like this. We will never count any other kind of location as a Collection Centre to improve our statistics. And we have created the Prevented Ocean Plastic™ Standards, guidelines that help to define terms like this.


The Prevented Ocean Plastic™ Standards were developed in accordance with ETI base code and informed by the Code of Good Practice developed by ISEAL, as well as Bantam Materials’ good manufacturing practices and best-in-class traceability process. Created in consultation with more than 70 leading businesses, they were designed to meet the needs of the world’s best recyclers. They are the most comprehensive set of standards in the industry. The Prevented Ocean Plastic™ logo, which appears on all our packaging, will indicate that these rigorous standards have been applied.

We sponsor research

A survey of consumer behaviours and attitudes towards recycled packaging. Click the cover to read and download the summary report.

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Read our study into the lives and work of Ecuador’s first collectors, people who form a vital part of the circular economy.

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Prevented Ocean Plastic™ has partnered with the University of Georgia to fund a new research project to track how litter on land ends up in our oceans. The first findings are due next year.

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