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Prevented Ocean Plastic™ is the right choice for consumers. Every time you buy a product packaged in Prevented Ocean Plastic™ you are making a difference for coastal communities, while also preventing ocean plastic pollution. Thank you for choosing recycled.

We all know there’s a problem.
There are too many beaches that look like this. Every year more than 12 million tonnes of plastic waste enters the ocean. We act to ensure that the plastic never reaches the water.


At the same time, the solution is clear. To help more beaches look like this, prevention is key. Choosing recycled means that ocean plastic pollution can be prevented at scale, reducing damage to at-risk environments and reducing harm to marine life and ecosystems.


The Prevented Ocean Plastic Programme prevents over 1000 tonnes of plastic from entering the ocean every month, and has so far prevented over one billion plastic bottles from reaching the water.

Your better plastic choice

Some of the products made by our pioneering partners using Prevented Ocean Plastic™