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Prevented Ocean Plastic™ is the right choice for business. Built by supply chain specialists in collaboration with the best recyclers in the world, Prevented Ocean Plastic™ is a vertically-integrated solution focused on quality and credibility first that offers fully traceable material with market-based pricing and just-in-time delivery.

This is a mixed recycling bale which is made of kerbside collection bottles. Although kerbside collection programmes can provide convenience, they can also provide a bale which is at a higher risk of contamination and may cause problems in production.


This is a carefully collected, hand sorted, cleaned and processed bale. With the right structures in place to aggregate bottles, market-based financial incentives encourage value-added quality controls in collection systems which can result in uniquely high-quality raw material.


Industry requires reliable quality that meets demand consistently in large volumes. Prevented Ocean Plastic can provide this along with:

Full traceability – regulatory compliance – market-based pricing – ‘just-in-time’ logistics

When these needs are met, real planning and investment can be made and drive the growth of the recycling industry. This encourages collection efforts, creating real world social and environmental benefits. Without this cycle of industry demand and economic incentive, recycling activities in developing countries do not happen.

This preform is made of 30% kerbside collected material. European Union law says that from 2025, PET bottles will have to contain at least 25 % rPET. That figure will rise to 30% from 2030. Similar legislation is being introduced in around the world.


This preform is made of 50% Prevented Ocean Plastic. Its clarity profile is superior to the preform made from kerbside collection, and it is made of even more recycled material.


This bottle is made of 100% Prevented Ocean Plastic. Quality is key to our material. Bring Prevented Ocean Plastic into your business and offer a better plastic choice.

Your better plastic choice

Your questions about the vertically-integrated Prevented Ocean Plastic™ supply chain answered