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A reliable and sustainable income for developing coastal communities

By March 12, 2020January 6th, 2021No Comments

Providing a steady cash-flow, factory owners avoid predatory lending practices in developing countries where even standard loans can be charged at 20-40% interest or more. Bottle collectors benefit from reliable and consistent payment for their hard work. This is especially important in developing coastal communities with little or no social benefit safety nets to keep families fed and safe. In the long-term this allows small businesses based on bottle collection to develop and flourish.  

  1. A family in poverty considers their immediate options to earn money.
  2. They organise to collect bottles and receive immediate payment for their efforts.
  3. The family purchases larger collection sacks and eventually save up for a flatbed truck. 
  4. They install a cage on the flatbed truck and begin organised operations. 
  5. Over time, they are able to save money for a space for their own aggregation site. 
  6. After opening multiple sites, the family buys machinery and becomes a factory level recycler. 

Every time you buy a product packaged in Prevented Ocean Plastic you are making a difference to developing coastal communities who depend on us for making a living, while also preventing ocean plastic pollution. A clear win-win.