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Below the Surface: Ocean Plastic Pollution through an educational commute

By August 27, 2020No Comments

Viennese illustrator Felicitas Thun creates posters designed for tube stations to inform us about what is really happening to our oceans.

Illustration student at Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University, Felicitas Thun designs posters to highlight the impact of plastic pollution on marine life. These posters were designed to potentially be displayed at underground tube stations.

By showing different types of plastic pollution and its catastrophic effects on our oceans, Felicitas aims to inform people through facts about what is really happening to our oceans every day and how plastic pollution is affecting living organisms, as well as influencing climate change. According to Felicitas, her inspiration comes from her passion about the topic and love for marine life, particularly turtles. For the past few years, she has been actively involved in supporting several turtle conservation organisations.

Sea turtles are especially at risk, as they suffer a 50% chance of mortality as soon as they have ingested only a few pieces of plastic. The conservation of turtles is crucial for supporting the health of our oceans. Through their feeding habits, sea turtles maintain healthy seagrass beds and coral reefs. This helps to mitigate climate change by supporting the balance of the marine ecosystem, facilitating nutrient cycling from water to land and providing a habitat for other aquatic creatures.