Sainsbury’s is working with Prevented Ocean Plastic to turn plastic collected from the coast into packaging.

Almost half of Sainsbury’s fresh fish and three quarters of strawberry punnets will now use Prevented Ocean Plastic.

At Prevented Ocean Plastic, we are working with Sainsbury’s to turn plastic collected from the coast into packaging for its strawberry and fresh fish range. Prevented Ocean Plastic can be found in 47% of Sainsbury’s fish as well as 80% of Berry Garden punnets of strawberries. 

Our packaging enables Sainsbury’s customers to make sustainable choices in-store and online while preventing as many as 15 million plastic bottles (390 tonnes) from entering the ocean each year.

Together with the support of Prevented Ocean Plastic, Sainsbury’s commitment to social and environmental change will contribute to the creation of 10,000 days of employment for plastic bottle collectors, helping to support and empower coastal communities at risk of ocean plastic pollution.