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Sustainability and fine dining: Why top chefs are bringing Prevented Ocean Plastic into their kitchens

By June 5, 2020June 6th, 2023No Comments

With safety, high quality and sustainability at its core, Prevented Ocean Plastic ™ has become the number one choice for culinary specialists and Michelin starred chefs. In collaboration with Groupe Guillin, over one million PPE visors have been developed to protect not only staff and customers, but also the ocean.

“As a father of three, it is important to me to preserve nature for our children. As a chef, my heart is bleeding, how disrespectful we are with our resources, the stocks and the quality of edible fish suffer enormously”

Kevin Fehling

Fine dining beyond the plate

Dining with top chefs is not just a culinary pleasure that tickles the taste buds, it’s a holistic and comprehensive experience that transcends the five senses. Research has shown that avid gastronomes seek the uniquely curated atmosphere, vibes and ethos of a restaurant as much as they look forward to excellent food and service. Diners can favour a particular place not only because of how the food tastes, but also because the very atmosphere can subconsciously amplify the enjoyment of the culinary experience.  

Hence, restaurateurs carefully study and consider all aspects to ensure that their ethos is conveyed across their entire business. In addition to sourcing the freshest and best produce and creatively crafting and serving award-winning bites, considerable attention is paid to the smallest of details. For example, certain colours, styles and lighting throughout the interior, as well as cutlery and music are deliberately chosen to bring out certain flavours and enhance the dining experience.. Yet the same concept also applies to how restaurants operate behind the scenes in the kitchen: how food is handled, stored and how waste material is dealt with. This all affects how the restaurant is perceived from the outside; Is it wild? Is it healthy? Is it sustainable? 

Why Prevented Ocean Plastic™ matters to high-end chefs

In line with the current state of the world, sustainability concerns and practices have been occupying the agendas of some of the biggest names in the culinary world too. The last few years have seen an increasing focus on reducing food waste and ocean pollution.   

Many Michelin star chefs have been some of the strongest advocates for a more sustainable future, championing waste free kitchens and turning scraps into fancy meals. Beyond organic fresh produce and sustainable fishing, these chefs are at the forefront of sustainable sourcing. They go above and beyond choosing the best materials to protect the food in their kitchens, reduce food waste, practice hygiene and ensure theirs and customers’ safety is achieved without harming the planet. 

For Julia Komp, Germany’s youngest female chef to be awarded a Michelin star, the whole journey from sourcing to consumption has to be perfect.

“I was at the most remote and beautiful spots in the world and I found the plastic waste everywhere. The people there are often very poor and have no way of disposing of the garbage. With Prevented Ocean Plastic, there is a huge opportunity for them to have a reliable income and a better environment right on their doorstep.” says Julia.

Food industry experts like Ralf Bos and Michelin star chefs including Kevin FehlingJan HartwigThomas BühnerJulia Komp ‘Germany’s youngest star chef’, Sebastian Hamester, ‘chef of the century’ Eckart Wizigmann whose Award ‘ECKART’ recognises sustainable enjoyment and social responsibility, are all enthusiastic about the protective face shields made from Prevented Ocean Plastic. 

Using Prevented Ocean Plastic in their kitchens thus meets both their sustainability and quality standards. Due to the Coronavirus, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as masks and protective face shields are now recommended to be used by chefs. After plastic packaging experts at Groupe Guillin carried out rigorous tests to choose the best material for the face shields, recycled plastic supplied by Bantam Ltd and certified through the Prevented Ocean Plastic™ programme was chosen for its superior quality and clarity. As a result Prevented Ocean Plastic has now been incorporated into over  one million visors. These visors or face shields can be worn both in and out of the kitchen,  and will be used by Michelin starred chefs who feel just as passionate about their food as they do about protecting the environment and supporting the circular economy.  

Freeing the ocean from plastic waste is important because the remains are not only a threat to marine life, but also to us humans. When I went on holiday in Thailand for the first time in 2011, I was fascinated by the beauty of the country but also totally shocked by how much plastic waste is in the sea and on the beaches. Protecting the oceans and recycling garbage at the same time is an important issue that concerns us all and I am happy to support Prevented Ocean Plastic™

Jan Hartwig