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Craftsman Extraordinaire: Blending waste materials with modern elements

By June 1, 2020August 27th, 2020No Comments
© David Taylor, ‘Slag’ candle sticks

Stockholm-based designer, David Taylor, creates precious objects out of discarded materials adding a modern twist to traditional craft.

David Taylor, aka Super Dave, is a Stockholm-based artist and craftsman who designs and creates sculptural objects from a mix of upcycled materials. His designs often feature an element of added functionality as a statement, not a priority.

His series of decorative candle holders feature a rather unusual material, a waste matter called slag, which is a byproduct of metal production. David sources the discarded, centuries-old waste compound from an abandoned iron foundry site in Swedish forests, re-appropriating the material into his designs. He uses the material almost in its raw gem-like state, which develops into beautiful shades of greens and blues over time. He adds a modern twist by combining the slag with sleek new materials such as polished brass and brushed aluminium, attaching his sculptural metal components with solder and bolts.

Long before he started foraging for slag in the forest, David put his clever design skills and craftsmanship to use by elevating low-grade materials into elegant precious objects. Another project of his that we love, is an older work from 2006 where he made this vibrant floor covering for an exhibition in Linköpings (Sweden), using recycled wellies and wool.