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Little fish, big fish: designers casting a light on ocean plastic

By June 1, 2020August 27th, 2020No Comments
© Heliograf photo by Daniel Herrmann-Zoll

Heliograf studio designs playful lamps in the shape of soy sauce bottles to highlight the issue of ocean plastic and the big problem caused by these tiny packets.

Design duo and co-founders of Sydney based studio Heliograf, Angus Ware and Jeffery Simpson focus on designing for good and investing in creative solutions to highlight global issues, like ocean plastic. Their glass lamp ‘Light Soy’ is inspired by the iconic soy sauce fish packet and comes with a story about plastic pollution.

With a passion for thoughtful design and preventing ocean plastic, they saw a big problem in the packets of soy sauce shaped as miniature fish! The single-use packets are difficult to recycle which means that they will end up in landfills or the ocean. ‘Light Soy’ lamp conveys the irony of how the plastic fish would eventually harm the marine ecosystem, and casts light on the issue of ocean plastic. The work illustrates a great example of product design with a sustainable message.

“By taking a piece of rubbish, and dramatically scaling it up, we want to show that small things matter, and we need to make big changes to how we design everyday items,”

Angus Ware