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Lost and found: Transforming plastic debris into colourful art

By May 1, 2020August 27th, 2020No Comments

© Nicola Scott-Taylor, Longfield Studio.

Richmond-based artist turns plastic and frayed ropes into vibrant eco cards from objects found on holidays in the Caribbean.

Nikki Scott-Taylor is a ceramicist and mixed media artist based in Richmond, London, where she teaches art and creates sculptures. On her holiday visits to Nevis, an island in the Caribbean, she gathers inspiration for her collage work and eco cards. By using materials that are either re-used, recycled or re-invented, she creatively “makes rubbish her business”.

Nikki’s clay sculptures are decorated with ‘objets trouvés’ (i.e found objects) such as buttons, wire, woven fabric, pill packets and glass. The marks that these objects leave on the clay body after it gets fired are her way of commemorating the process and cultural inspiration in her work. She also teaches creative frottage techniques and transforms household packaging into painting tools.

Her collection of Eco Art Cards is a series of collages that commemorates each visit to the Caribbean with her family. The colourful post-consumer materials used to make these cards are collected from the Atlantic coast in Nevis. Materials are sifted, cleaned and cut into desired shapes, and transformed into pictures and photographed to make cards and calendars. She is currently working on an upcoming series of pictures of Richmond Park using the same techniques.