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Unsettling Beauty: Time versus Ocean Plastic put into perspective

By May 4, 2020August 27th, 2020No Comments
© Brodie Neill

Designer Brodie Neill switches the narrative on microplastics by placing them in an hourglass, drawing attention to the scale of the problem.

‘Capsule’ is a contemporary time piece, created by London based designer Brodie Neill. By replacing sand in a traditional hourglass with small pieces of ocean plastic, his contempory design invokes a sense of nostalgia and urgency.

Neill, who grew up in Tasmania, observed ocean plastic washed up on the beaches of Bruny Island and was inspired to use the material in his designs to highlight the issue of plastic pollution. In addition to using ocean plastic in a series featuring Ocean Terrazzo (a material he developed), he created an open-edition hourglass that holds the same material, this time to draw attention to the time we have left to save our planet.

“My ocean plastic series of works have all sought to re-contextualise and repurpose ocean plastic from waste into a valuable material resource which can be used to create functional, yet beautiful, design objects”

Brodie Neill

Each individual future edition of ‘Capsule’ will contain plastic collected from a specific location, which will also be marked on a map etched on the silver caps at both ends of the hourglass, illustrating the Northern and Southern hemispheres on each side. According to the designer, marking the place in this way will be rooting the hourglass geographically while conveying how we are affected by plastic pollution across different corners of the world.