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Prevented Ocean Plastic and the UK Beach Tour team up to protect our oceans

By June 23, 2022June 5th, 20232 Comments

We’re delighted to announce our partnership with the U.K. Beach Tour, the official beach volleyball tour of the United Kingdom. Volleyball is considered the second most participated sport in the world, and the U.K. Beach Tour attracts tens of thousands of spectators. The Grand Slam season has already kicked off in Wales, and will be visiting Yorkshire, Weymouth and Scotland this year. By working with this diverse and highly engaged community, we hope to bring an increased awareness of the dangers of plastic pollution and encourage everyone to take action by choosing recycled.

There is an urgent need to protect our oceans. If we carry on as we are now, the annual flow of plastic entering them will triple by 2040, to 29 million metric tons. Our oceans – and the wildlife within it – are already being harmed by plastic pollution and any increase will be devasting. We are therefore determined to stop plastic reaching our oceans, where the sun and the salt water degrade it, making it largely unusable for recycling at scale. We have already stopped more than one billion plastic bottles from entering the ocean and are determined to do more. Every bottle matters.

For volleyball stars and fans, the impact is even more visible, as plastic is reaching the beaches and waterways where their sport takes place. By teaming up with the U.K. Beach Tour, we can help empower the volleyball community and beyond to look after the fantastic beaches and coastal areas where they compete. The tour doesn’t just make people think about plastic on UK coastlines but raises awareness of the global scale of the issue and how it impacts coastal communities.

Our Director, Raffi Schieir, says:

“Preventing plastic from reaching our beaches and coastlines is important to everyone, which is why we’re so happy the U.K. Beach Tour is committed to partner and act with Prevented Ocean Plastic. Choose Recycled! Support those collecting plastic from coastal regions for high quality recycling into new products. Thank you to all the athletes and supporters of the U.K. Beach Tour.”

Sport is an incredible vehicle for change- by working with athletes and sporting organisations, we are able to reach passionate, supportive communities and drive real change. Our amazing Prevented Ocean Plastic ambassadors include UK Beach Volleyball player, Issa Batrane, who we can’t wait to watch competing in this month’s tournament in Yorkshire, as well as Olympic Gold-Medallist Sailor Hannah Mills and Para Table Tennis Player Martin Perry. They are fantastic advocates for choosing recycled, as well as reducing the impacts of single use plastic in sport in general.

If you’re heading to a Grand Slam, look out for the Prevented Ocean Plastic logo, plus lots of information on how to make a difference and help keep the coastlines safe and clean. For more info on what you can do, please check out: