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The Sustainable Brand of the Year 2023 chooses Prevented Ocean Plastic

By July 14, 2023July 20th, 2023No Comments

Hana Group, the Sustainable Brand of the Year 2023, have chosen Prevented Ocean Plastic™ as a strategic partner in their ambitions for a greener, healthier, waste-free world.

The group, a world leader in retail pan-Asian cuisine, has prioritised high quality ingredients, responsible sourcing and healthy products since its inception, and have made recycled- and recyclable- packaging a recent focus.

In their own words, “Hana Group believes that business is responsible for achieving good environmental practices and operating in a sustainable manner. We are therefore committed to minimizing our overall environmental impact by continuously improving our environmental performance. Hana Group seeks to identify, measure, and understand the direct and indirect environmental impact of its operations and mitigate those impacts.”

Last month, their efforts were recognised at the inaugural Environmental Packaging Awards where they were crowned the Sustainable Brand of the Year.

The awards took place inside the new Eastside Rooms in Birmingham. The event was held as part of the the Environmental Packaging Summit. Both events are part of the Packaging News initiative to promote environmental awareness.

The Hana Group’s victory in the category was the result of a massive group effort:

Tri-Star Packaging, in partnership with Sharpak, successfully completed a trial of sushi packs made with 30% Prevented Ocean Plastic™ into two sites served by the Mai Sushi brand, part of the Hana Group, including Marks and Spencer’s headquarters in London. Then, from July 2022, sushi packs made with Prevented Ocean Plastic™ were delivered into a 22 further sites.

Fraser Cowden, Commercial Director at Hana UK, commented: “The Hana Group has been focussed on making positive environmental and social changes for several years. We believe that through innovation and working with our partners we can make a difference. The Mai Sushi brand has always utilised recycled and recyclable packaging, so the opportunity to introduce sushi packs with at least 30% Prevented Ocean Plastic™ is another exciting step on our sustainability journey.”

Prevented Ocean Plastic™ is proud to work with the Hana Group- the Packaging News Sustainable Brand of 2023- throughout this year and beyond.

Prevented Ocean Plastic™ is high quality, certified recycled plastic that has been collected from coastal areas at risk of ocean plastic pollution. Used by supermarkets and brands around the world, it meets regulatory health and safety standards, is traceable back to source and can be identified on-pack through its distinctive triangular logo. Prevented Ocean Plastic™ is an official nominee for the 2023 Earthshot Prize, and counts Lidl, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Booths Supermarket as key partners, along with major manufacturing partners such as Groupe Guillin, Spectra Packaging, and Berry Global for offerings across multiple product categories, including fish, poultry, soft fruits, pet food, personal care, and home cleaning.